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The unit has a free spooling option to make for quick hookup, and comes with a handy corded remote switch — something missing from our top two choices.

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Release the clutch on the electric winch so that you can freespool the cable out. Minimal bump steer eliminates unintended vehicle direction changes when traversing terrain and permits less feedback to the steering wheel see description below.

As engine speed increases, the spring-loaded drive clutch is closed by weights being forced out by centrifugal force. Attach the winch hook to the bow eye on your boat. After the boat is in the water, release the winch hook from the bow eye.

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The driven clutch is designed to sense varying loads inclines, mud, etc. How the variable-speed drive works: Winch power hookup to make sure that loading and unloading go as smoothly as possible you need a winch that meets your specific requirements. Key elements of the drive system include: But that is a small price to pay in exchange for letting an electric motor do all the work.

Wireless Remote or Wired? Differential design reduces scuffing of the turf during turns because it allows the inside wheels to turn slower than the outside wheels Neutral start safety interlock for engine ignition system Large, sealed bearings are located inside the housing for better protection and durability Contains gear case for transferring power to the MFWD Splined shaft interfaces for maximum torque transfer and durability All drive gears machined from highest grade gear steel Protected by a skid plate Mechanical front-wheel drive Electronic design is auto-locking for ease of use Performs like a locking differential when engaged, but like an open differential when cornering Offers positive engagement of both front wheels in forward and reverse as a differential package Automatic engagement on the fly—no shift linkages required Protected by a skid plate and frame Drive shafts Rear CV shaft diameter measures 27 mm 1.

Instrument cluster Relay module The tire scrubbing, which also creates unwanted heat and wear in the tire, can be eliminated by turning the inside wheel at a greater angle than the outside one Ackerman steering.

Electric Boat Winch Quick Reference Table

This varies between the vehicles listed above. The Five Oceans winch offers pounds of pulling power, which allows you to haul in a boat that weighs up to pounds.

This rope has a 21,pound rating and would ensure the safety of our staff. Historically, winches were considered implements of necessity, rarely used by the average person, and the last thing anybody would associate with vehicular mobility. Fast forward some 70 years, and winching technology has come a long way.

Secure the winch hook to prevent accidental damage. Connect the remote control if using a corded remote.

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The secondary clutch is a new build-on-shaft design that utilizes a cam to tune the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle.

Remove the boat tie downs and the chains that secure the boat and trailer, leaving only the winch hook connected to the bow eye.

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Power is transmitted from the engine through a continuously variable clutch system to the transaxle. As the drive clutch closes, the belt rides up to the largest diameter of the drive clutch and forces open the driven clutch.

Disconnect the remote control if using a corded remote. Superline installs in place of the standard steel wire cable supplied by most manufacturers. Get clear of the cable, electric winch, and boat.

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This winch is definitely lighter duty than our 1 and 2 choices, but it still offers a respectable number of features, and does Winch power hookup at a price that is easy on your wallet. Plug in the remote control if corded.