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The Things They Carried.

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Why is it so hard to "tell a true war story"? He was in love with her but later discovered that she had a severe, incurable illness. The men idealize the women and use their presence—in letters, photographs, and even their imagination—as a kind of solace and reminder that a world does exist outside the atrocities of Vietnam.

Ultimately, this unfulfilling dream of Martha, the hopes for a future life with her lead to the fact that the lieutenant is constantly distracted by thoughts about the object of his desire, even at the most critical moment.

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Discuss how at least three characters deal with their feelings of guilt over the deaths of those around them. Please do not repeat verbatim the essay prompt. One of the most meaningful female characters is Martha, who appears in the first story The Things They Carried and symbolizes love and danger.

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Jimmy Cross, for example, carries pictures of Martha and memories of their only date. Many of the stories share common themes such as love, loss, regret of things left behind and left undone, violence, and dissatisfaction.

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You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them. His guilt is implicit in this lack of response.

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Include text evidence to support your answer. Given traditions of war literature, why does O'Brien write a war story that has no heroes?

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Refer to the Text-Based essays in New Voices for successful examples. For your last essay of the semester, write an essay in which you draw from these stories some issue, conflict, theme, or motif that interests you. This means writing a sentence or two about each story no more than one paragraph in total.

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I am a student. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study. This story is a symbol of the transformation of all soldiers in the war, as they come there innocent and inexperienced guys and become entirely different, strong and tempered men.

The use of outside sources for this essay is strongly discouraged! They instead see them as motivation to survive the war.