How get a Boyfriend - Style Savvy: Trendsetters Answers for 3DS How get a Boyfriend - Style Savvy: Trendsetters Answers for 3DS

Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic, that you?!

So i wasn't invited to his mansion to "help" him eat that. If i find a cheat that works i let you know.

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In the game, Brad and Gordon almost asks you out. He helped me out and then nothing! Weird chick First I thought brad was cute then after a while you find out hes pretty weird. I dressed up like grace and went to dominic's mansion.

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Alexusthe1st I pretended to have one o. I have Peter as my boyfriend cause he always asks me to go on a date! Asuna4ever Phillip asks you to go to the photo studio. ScoopsT You can get a bf you have to beat the game then I forgot the boys name but he will ask you out Posted on: Furthermore, after winning your first International Contest, in the succeeding International Contests you partake in, Dominic asks to drive your character home, but backs out in embarrassment.

I forgot to buy something for my wife! First time i just dressed up like her.

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You can go to the cafe, take a photo with, and even watch fireworks withe a couple of them, but that's as far as it goes! Mar 24 [] Answer from: Jan 23 [] Answer Money scams on dating websites Nov 17 [] Answer from: Savvy Brad almost asks you out but he chickens out but I forgot when he does take you to see the fireworks Posted on: But i'm not shure about it 'cause i don't have customers yet.

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It'd be a nice feature to include dating, but I'm assuming that'd be difficult to incorporate because it means more interaction scenes, dialogue, etc. I also like that Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic a cafe somewhere in the game.

Not sure if it'll ever get an international release though. Throughout the game, he hints heavily that he has developed romantic feelings for you, but you have little control over how to respond to these events.

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Sometimes, I go on pretend dates with the guys on there. Is the Reed guy. This outfit is the only Masquerade outfit you can obtain without going to the Buyer's Center when Masquerade has an exclusive item or obtaining it as a contest prize.

How get a Boyfriend

Reed just talks about baths. After that didn't work either i put on my maid skirt and went to my shop. PeachxMario PeachxMario 5 years ago 4 maybe this time those little girls can finally date their dominic Touko Brad does almost ask you out, but he says nevermind.: Apr 4 [] Answer from: P I also like the fact that it's a new town and that there's a lot of places to go.

Katherine flear Well how come i went on fashion plaza and went on a girls profile and it showed her holding phillips hand at the roze garden there has to be dating in this game i swear. This game is still very new and there are still unlockables to achieve, so for anybody who miss the old characters - you just might see them as you progress through all 4 seasons of the game!

May 28 [] Answer from: May 19 [] Answer from: Well at least not for me.