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The port became vital to the fledgling country's development. This cab was at the rear of the train, so the seats faced backwards, whereas most other seats on the train are turned round to face forwards before the train boarded. The first six stations of the Exodus are in Egypt. After Lod, the train slows as it approaches the Judean hills Inside, their classes and seating are similar to the CRH trains - the photo above right shows business class on a CRH Just be prepared to take a second choice of train or date or class.

When the photos below were taken we shared with a pleasant Chinese lady in her late 20s who spoke good English, and a young man who spent most of the evening on his laptop.

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Thousands of women took part in this year's Slut Walk Image: Without recourse to a port on the Red Sea Israel would have been unable to develop its diplomatic, cultural and trade ties beyond the Mediterranean basin and Europe. This happened in and again inwhen Egypt's closure of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping effectively blockaded the port of Eilat.

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If your train has a train number under 10, for example G1, G2, G3, G4 and so on and it has a Beijing-Shanghai journey time of 4hh34, then it will be operated by one of these new CRHs. Climate data for Eilat Temperature: What are the D-category sleeper trains like?

This made Eilat and its sea port crucial to Israel's communications, commerce and trade with Africa and Asia, and for oil imports.

The Lotar unit is composed solely of reservists, citizens who must be Eilat residents between the ages of 20 and 60, who are on call in case of a terrorist attack on the city. It is one of only three units in the IDF authorized to free hostages on its North carolina dating while separated command.

If you want seats in the sightseeing area you can use the special request box if you book with www.

The Jaffa - Jerusalem Railway

The 7th is the crossing of the Red Sea and the 9th—13th are in and around Eilat, after the exodus from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea. Each berth has its own individual curtains for privacy. Today, it's an excellent luxury hotel with great character - and the breakfast is pretty good, too.

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In 2 Kings The train has comfortable 4-berth soft sleepers Although these simple security checks are nothing like what you have to go through at an airport, you should arrive at least 30 minutes before your train leaves, assuming you have already collected your tickets.

Women march through Tel Aviv with placards reading "Not guilty" Image: Like us on Facebook.