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Sp mostly happens to me while sleeping on my back but have had several time when I sleep on my side. Some things happen to me that aren't so common but I have found other sp sufferers that have these too: First I just head growling then he screamed his name in my ear three time, "Darius, Darius, Darius!

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Sp is so strange that it forces us to figure out what we truly believe in Once, I heard my son calling for help in his bedroom so I walked over there to help only to find his window open, when I reached to close the window, a black cat with evil glowing eyes bite my hand and I couldn't shake the cat of my hand.

Also, when fighting so hard to get out of sp, I had strained so hard to move a limb that I have actually moved my "spirit" arm or leg up out of my body. While many religious and spiritual explanations for sleep paralysis can be found on this visitor-submitted post and within its comments, please view our own article about sleep paralysis to read about the insights biology and sleep science provide in determining the causes of sleep paralysisand to learn this site's position on the matter.

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My room was exactly the same, the door creaked opened slowly and a dark figure entered. I feel the tingling feeling rushing down my body from head to toe as one would feel when a muscle is "going to sleep.

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Although I am an active Christian, I don't agree with what most Christians say about sp. I have yet to find a commonality as to why sp happens or what causes it but as sure as I know the reality we know and live in everyday, I know these are not hallucinations.

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Once they had hoods and red glowing eyes. Once a bright light shone into my bedroom window and i clearly saw the typical alien figure with the large round head and huge eyes.

I believe what the Bible teaches about demons and that there is a spiritual dimension that is unseen to our human eyes.

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I have read extensive material on sp over the years and tons of theories but have come up with my take on what sp is. I explain my opinion more in my YouTube video.

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It usually happens to me just in the moment of falling asleep or shortly after. Other times when there are no attacks during sp, I'm just fighting to get out of it. We are glad we can provide an open forum for discussion.

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The strangest thing is that when in enter sp while sleeping on my side, when I sit my torso up to look around, I feel the distinctive spinning one feels when you stand up fast from touching your toes and you regain your balance. I have also been talking to my wife during sp and then she turns into a dark demonic figure who then attacks me.

Many of the times I am being strangled and feel a real pressure on my chest.

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