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Due to being unaware of Goku's death, she mistakenly assumed that his father was estranged from his family until Gohan explained the fact that his father was dead and had returned to life for the tournament, which ironically was the result of her convincing Gohan to enter.

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This is slightly more excusable with the other Wind warriors, as one of them is supposed to be human, another is supposed to be half-human, and the last has no real requirements - but each form distinctly fails in the "Monster" part of "Digital Monster".

There is one scene in an episode of Dragon Ball Super where Videl isn't wearing her leggings. Universe 6 Saga Videl watches the Tournament of Destroyerssaying little to nothing in any of the battles. She later becomes the wife of Gohan and mother of Pan. Last year the country ranked out of on Transparency International.

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He just also happens to be the resident Anti Anti Christ. Turtle on the top's left breast and she wears a frilled bikini bottoms.

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She meets Goten and Trunks on her way to the World Tournament Arena, and accidentally fuels them with adrenaline by telling them the story of Majin Buuprompting the two to head for the battlefield.

The Culdcept manga has a few including elvesdryadsharpiesand a Humanoid Abomination octopus-girl.

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Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is embroiled in major controversy over electoral violence. Demonbane takes this to the logical extreme: However she is occasionally exasperated by Gohan's pure hearted obliviousness which frustrates her similar to how she reacted when he asked her to cut her hair short showing that her temper gets the better of her at times.

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Though as the movie progresses she begins to regress towards her half-animal side and eventually loses speech and coherent thought by the end.

With more thanrecords sold in the first week, her gravity-defying second album was the biggest mover for an album so far this year, the Official Charts Company said.

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Chocola, the vampire daughter of Don Dracula. They can, however, assume a human shape, and go ashore. Fortunately, Gohan is able to defeat him, Videl assuring that he would never allow himself to fail in front of Pan.

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She originally sported a pink sweater-dress that reached her upper thighs, with a red stripe around the chest area, along with black tights and bright pink shoes with darker pink soles.

In fact, Mr Wallechinsky claims in the Huffington Post Biya is credited with the innovative election fraud tactic of paying for a set of international observers to certify his elections as legitimate. The following year, it was reported No account dating sites to 1, Gambians had been abducted by the government on charges of witchcraft - they were taken to prisons and forced to drink poison.

Videl later attends the feast thrown by Bulma alongside her family and friends. She is Gohan 's wife and the mother of Pan. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan casting a vote in his country's elections Barack and Michelle Obama have an official portrait taken with Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria, signed harsh anti-gay laws this year.

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This may explain her faith in her husband in Dragon Ball Super, knowing that him cheating on her was incredibly unlikely if not impossible due to his pure heart, as it would be incredible out of character for her husband given his devotion to his family.

Satan builds them a house.

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Satan and their daughter Videl at She s dating the monster ball point, leaving only the two of them in their family.