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Also, I will attempt to disprove the notion that Pearl is branded with a metaphorical scarlet letter "A" representing amorality; instead she represents the immorality of her mother's adultery. He gave Hester the punishment of rearing a very unique child whom she named Pearl.

Pearl observes many things, like the way people act around her. Hawthorne's handling of mirror images has both the goal of representing the passionate, artistic side of man and also the idea that life's truths can be pictured in mirror images.

She creates her own letter out of moss, sees the letter in the breastplate at Governor Bellingham's mansion, and points at it in the forest scene with Hester and Dimmesdale.

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Just as Dimmesdale cannot escape to Europe because Chillingworth has cut off his exit, Pearl always keeps Hester aware that there is no escape from her passionate nature. Pearl as the scarlet letter C. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the character, Pearl, as a symbol for a hint of happiness in the sadness and regret of a sin.

This gesture by the baby mortified Hester because of Pearl's innocent recognition of the underl There was no escaping it.

She appears as an infant in the first scaffold scene, then at the age of three, and finally at the age of seven. Same attraction to the letter B.

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She defends herself and her mother from the cruel remarks of the town. Reappearance of Pearl's odd expression IV. On the scaffold just before his death, Pearl kisses him and "a spell was broken.

Hester realizes this in the first scaffold scene when she resists the temptation to hold Pearl in front of the scarlet A, "wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another.

Hester herself tries to account for the nature of her child and gets no farther than the symbolic unity of Pearl and her own passion.

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Rather, she is a complicated symbol of an act of love and passion, an act which was also adultery. Notice that three and seven are "magic" numbers.

As she walked through the streets, she was looked down upon as if she were some sort of evil spirit among them, being punished for some ghastly crime. This is a passion that does not know the bounds of the Puritan village.

It was the Puritan way of treating her as a criminal for the crime of adultery. She is a baffling mixture of strong moods, given to uncontrolled laughter at one moment and sullen silence the next, with a fierce temper and a capacity for the "bitterest hatred that can be supposed to rankle in a childish bosom.

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Even when she goes to Governor Bellingham's to plead for her daughter's custody, Hester dresses Pearl in a crimson velvet tunic. Much to the consternation of her Puritan society, Hester dresses Pearl in outfits of gold or red or both.

Pearl's association of Dimmesdale with the letter C. She has to deal with children and adults harassing her. Once again on the scaffold in Chapter 13, Pearl asks the minister to stand with them in the light of day and the eyes of the community.