Special report, part two: Racers who have run afoul of the law | Autoweek Special report, part two: Racers who have run afoul of the law | Autoweek

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Our tapes have been shown at Bay Area high school auto shops to promote sanctioned drag racing and high performance technology. The unrestricted sound of these and many other altereds found in this program will satisfy your hunger for that screaming, supercharged thunder.

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The same holds true for our '60s Top Fuel action footage that coincides with Chris Martin's description and stats on who did what, where, and when. Curry, who a decade ago was indicted on embezzling charges, recently became Indiana Speedrome's managing partner.

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In exchange for immunity from prosecution, Carson testified before a federal grand jury about a marijuana-smuggling operation he had been involved with; three months later, he was shot in the chest, abdomen and leg at a boat-landing dock in Crescent Beach, Fla.

Whether his pleasure may have been cruising or racing, a typical teenager from the '50s might have realized his fantasy from behind the wheel of a Chevy.

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We would also give honorable mention and association membership information on screen in our videos on behalf of these associations goodwill. Not only does this tape show an abundance of neat-looking cars making hard straight passes with unrestricted audio, we also include wildshots.

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We have also supplied the track management and safety crew crash-accident footage to help understand the how and why of Posh dating cheltenham incident and how better to run a safer race.

Mike was in the top ten of the Alcohol Funny Cars racing to be the points champion in Division 7. The bulk of our film files in the '50s is concentrated in southern and central California.

Werner also won the drivers' championship and rookie of the year.

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The star rocked small framed sunglasses as well Advertisement. Hot rod events announcer Dan Danner describes all the special historical sequences.

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Fuel Altereds are still charging hard down the on this Jackson Bros. Inwith Werner and Leh Keen, Farnbacher-Loles again won the teams' championship and four races. Profitable does not necessarily mean making money where as the advancement and promotion of a worthy cause would actually be more important as in generating more interest and participation in localized and nostalgia drag racing events.

About five years ago, one financing source was revealed, and it wasn't exactly pretty. Bad Boy Altereds 2 minutes Modern-day Fuel Altereds are just as wild and squirrely as they were in the '60s.


Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones. We sent a complimentary feature on Shirley Muldowney to enjoy while recovering from her nasty accident. The drug, it said, was methamphetamine, and the suspension was upheld after two appeals.

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The racers mentioned and the photos depicted put into focus the depth and diversity of our collection. Oath will also provide personalised ads to you on our partners' products. Orlando and Leonardo have been making the most of their sun-drenched trip when they went quad biking in the Moroccan desert on Friday.

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Within two years, he was gone again after being questioned about the disappearance of a new girlfriend, Colleen Wood, with whom he had allegedly planned to sail around the world.