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When Piper mentions him to other inmates during the riot, Orange is the new black creator dating poussey of them notes she's never heard his name and has no idea who he is. His increasing disdain of Piper culminates in his acquiescence to Tiffany Doggett's attempt to murder her in the first-season finale.

Later on in the season, she helps Poussey save Brook Soso after a suicide attempt and welcomes her into their group.

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However, as her business begins to succeed, she becomes darker and more ruthless, firing Flaca in retaliation for her instigation of the strike. She works in the prison library. He initially returns it, but stops himself from initiating sex, telling her that he does not want to make the same mistake again, and that he is leaving anyway.

Following this, Healy and his wife appear to split, while Healy then forms a closer bond with Red. After joking with Piper about who would give Bayley a handjob in exchange for burgers, the two once again rekindle their relationship. Caputo is also seen to be very ambitious, and desired to move up the ladder to eventually become warden.

His hatred of lesbians, first presented as a quirk, is later revealed to be a deep-seated pathological problem when he explosively sends Piper to solitary confinement purely because she was dancing closely with Alex.

Galina "Red" Reznikov[ edit ] Kate Mulgrew Galina "Red" Reznikov played by Kate Mulgrew — Red is a Russian inmate who runs the prison's kitchen as the master chef and is the behind-the-scenes leader of the prison's white population. It was important to everybody that we find a way to make it as gray as possible — like when two forces of good collide, a tragedy can result, instead of there is evil in the world and good in the world, and evil will prevail.

She received her nickname "Crazy Eyes" due to her tendency to widen her eyes when she talks. As a result, Poussey is suffocated and dies on the canteen floor. Eventually, he is locked into a Porta-Potty while pleading with whoever could hear him to release him.

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Maria finds out about her plan, but while she doesn't reveal it to any of the other prisoners, Maria ends up leading the hostages out of a hole in the fence to take credit for releasing them while Gloria is taken prisoner for releasing the guards.

However, she confided to Sam that she wished to stop the therapy, as they caused her to feel "fuzzy" and forgetful. He sends Gloria to his office so she can call Jack Pearson about getting furlough so she can see her son in the hospital.

He also plays bass guitar in a band called "Side Boob," and attempts to grow plants as a therapeutic hobby. After being rebuffed on her attempt to show the company that they were wasting fabric and Speed dating near bromsgrove make an extra pair of underwear with each sheet, she uses the extra fabric to start a used panty business with her brother Cal, recruits some of the other inmates to wear the panties, and uses Officer Bayley to smuggle the panties out of the prison.

During the second season, Nicky stages a sex-based point scoring competition with Big Boo, during which Nicky even makes advances on Officer Fischer. When Piper calls her on the phone, she reveals that Kubra had walked free, and she is now in fear of her life.

Christopher suspects her for the break-in, and later visits the prison to confront and threaten her, finally shattering her obsessive delusions. In separate interviews, Ms.

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For a period of time, Tiffany believed that she was blessed with " faith healing " abilities, after being tricked by the other inmates, and eventually gets sent to the psych ward when she attempts to forcibly "heal" a visiting paraplegic juvenile delinquent.