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For everyone else democracy is a system whereby everyone has equal access to power and to make decisions about the future of oneself and the place they live in. The laws change all the time an loop holes are made.

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When not in use, the receiver hung on a hook with a switch in it, known as a "switchhook". One legislative chamber is, to this day, not elected.

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Isa Mani, Chennai, India While the Isle of Man certainly has the oldest continuous parliament in the world, nobody can really claim that it was democratic for most of its history. It also received acclaim for its characters, both the protagonist, Master Chief and its alien antagonists.

He never even stopped to think about the fact that any good he traded had to be created first.

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But it is really intriguing when you think that after all this time we still do not have a clear determination of what constitutes a democracy. My money is on New Zealand, which gave women the vote in And, indeed, that they managed it without having many of the decisive battles lead by a foreign general, with half foreign troops, and their enemy cut off from resupply by a foreign naval blockade, and distracted by other wars elsewhere in the world.

Although the Lords is not as powerful as the Commons, it does still exercise legislative power. Telephones connected to the earliest Strowger switch automatic exchanges had seven wires, one for the knife switchone for each telegraph keyone for the bell, one for the push-button and two for speaking.

A better question is: Which country is an exemplar of good behavior?

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But, and it's a big BUT; we are a Constitutional Liberal boy are the Republicans going to hate that world, which simply means the citizens have protected basic rights in this instance Representative Democracy in that we elect people and endow them with our democratic power to govern.

Pesants and workers were looked down on by Mohammed, who was a trader himself and who knew nothing else. The US isn't perfect by any means but beating the biggest superpower of that time and maintaining the same government for years is not a bad stretch.

Did the UK have to await the extension of the franchise to 18 year olds?

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I would say the Isle of Man has a good claim, Don't know if England on it's own has a Las vegas hookup site I'd suggest it means that those who exercise real legislative or executive power are elected by, and accountable to, the general citizenry.

You have done NO research at all it seems!!! The circuit diagram of the model shows the direct connection of the transmitter to the line, while the receiver was induction coupled.

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AND-- I haven't heard anyone pledge allegiance to the flagand to the democracy it stands for. Large wall telephones in the early 20th century usually incorporated the bell, and separate bell boxes for desk phones dwindled away in the middle of the century.

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However, long spells as an Ottoman colony or under military junta might put it out of the running if you're looking for longest continuously democratic country. Greece has even less claim. Riksha or Rksha in Sanskrit means Star.