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The Croats are despite all the difficulties the only ones among all the nations of former Yugoslavia whose state has had uninterrupted continuity since the ninth century.

Izvor je ova knjiga: Glagolica, prva slovanska pisava, je nastala v 9. Very important historical source for early Croatian history is Libellus Gothorum, a chronicle from 12th century known in Croatia as Ljetopis popa Dukljanina and Croatian Chronicle.

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This was the first time that the Croatian state was officially recognized at that time the international legitimacy was given by the Pope. Franjo in Rab where he died and is buried.

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This is the oldest known Latin inscription in the Croatian language. See redovnice nuns and redovnici monks. The Croatian Prince Branimir made further steps in strengthening the relations with Rome.

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Mihajlo in the town of Ston on the Peljesac peninsula, west of Dubrovnik. I would appreciate any additional information.

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Hart Gratis dating sites belgie claims that "crews of the Venetian ships were freemen, so many of them Slavonians Croatians from the Dalmatian coast that the long quay by St.

Croatian Glagolitic Missals and Breviaries The author of these lines has collected the names of Croatian Glagolitic breviaries and missals the approximate number, considerably smaller, was known already to Rudolf Strohal inbut to my knowledge, the complete list of titles was never published on one place.

The oldest known Sabor was held in Split in and in devoted more to religious than to secular questionsand in when Dmitar Zvonimir was elected the Croatian King by the "unanimous choice of the clergy and the people". There are loads of bars here and all of them are well set up for mixing.

Kslunique in the history of printing for its enormous amount of ligatures of them!

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The meaning of srbati is "upijati vodu", that is, to "absorb water". We spent a lot of time with locals and got a pretty comprehensive low down on the place. While she lived she was mother of the Kingdom and she became mother of the poor and protectress of widows.

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We know that until the only known sample of Tranzita sv. One of its proprietors was Jeremy Griffits, Oxford. That said, the quality is still better than the vast majority of European cities. Here is the English translation of one of the most important Croatian monuments, carved in The Croats preserved these important state institutions of ban and Sabor also when they decided to enter the Habsburg state His apostolic visit to the city of Zadar in will always be remembered, like the one by Pope Alexandar III in