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The austere, white room in central Lisbon is one of the most important places in his life.

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The images explore the idea of sacred geometries, the perfect mix of proportion and mathematical ratios that are pleasing to the eye and a reflection of those found in nature. From an architectural point Nelson venancio martinez dating site view, this allows the transition from ancient symbolism to contemporary urban landscapes.

The garage is located on a little side street; an inconspicuous entrance with an electric door leads inside. He helped make architectural photography cool and is now one of its most popular practitioners.

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The special thing about this decidedly ordinary location: Influenced by Magnum photographers, Fernando brought a more photojournalistic approach to shooting buildings. Instead of simply taking record shots, he photographed them in a more dynamic and creative way, focusing on how the buildings are used and who uses them.

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Evidently, sacred geometries have value beyond that of the aesthetic, and are viewed as the coming together of mathematics, nature and spirituality, due to their use in religious iconography.

He finds the garage calming, a place where he can leave his work behind and clear his head, says Guerra.

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Aesthetics and mathematics come together in geometry, and have done since ancient Egypt, where geometrics were viewed as a visual manifestation of law and order.

Geometry in aesthetics are unavoidable when traversing through the city, whether this is in grand scale such as skyscraper architecture, to the tiny backs of ladybirds.

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Into the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in a world inundated with images, through social media, the press, search engines and the like. Later in ancient Greece, they had sacred and scientific properties in helping to solve earthly mysteries.

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Does photography change this? Intricate design can be located in both complex, constructed design patterns and in the minute details in nature. The architectural photographer who captures futuristic buildings and breathtaking enfilades is standing in an ordinary garage.

In collaboration with Miniclick an evening of short talks and discussion will take place on 6th Arpil.

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