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Reception[ edit ] Common Sense Media rated the show a 4 out of 5 stars, stating, "My Dad the Rock Star actually offers positive social messages, although they're subtle and blended in with wit and irony.

Storylines[ edit ] Season three begins in the aftermath of Jenna's death and the ceremony which lead the creation of Klaus being the first hybrid this has heavily affected Alaric, Elena, and Jeremy.

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Kindred spirits dating telegraph is on a ripper binge where he can not control his urges for human blood and continues to become a darker character. DVD releases[ edit ] On September 20,the series released, "Dad's Debut", which contained the first six episodes of the first season: When his plan to kill Klaus backfires, Mikael is killed by Klaus instead.

In the beginning he enlists Stefan to help him but Stefan eventually leaves. Kant throw a silent party. The season also has an focus on how the Original family of vampires came to be vampires by their father, Michael Mikaelson, asking Esther to make them stronger than their neighbors who were werewolves.

When Willy realizes that he is now dating her, he becomes a wreck, as he is afraid of how Q will react, and what this will mean for the trio's friendship.

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These friends are loyal, and so is Willy, who may not always approve of his family but never fails to back them up. She was first seen in a flashback in episode eight. She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric.

When Stefan comes to save them, she signals him to save Matt instead of her, killing her, which made Alaric go down with her he then says goodbye to Jeremy in ghost form.

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But later as they pranks on Willy, they change the show to "Meet Willy Zilla. Jeremy is still having trouble with his ghosts and they are trying to convey an important message to him.

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Elena has to decide, not knowing Klaus is still alive, to see Damon or Stefan. Klaus is intent on creating an army of hybrids half vampire half werewolf that are sired to him. Willy disguises himself as "Willy Zillowsky" but he is forced by Buzz to steal Rock's gold record. Alyssa and Q try to get in on Willy's act with less-than-musical results.

When Alaric reveals to the founder's council that they are vampires, Caroline and Tyler are forced to make a life-changing decision and flee from Mystic Falls at the urging of their parents.

It also delves deeper into the physiology of the family specifically the siblings and shows the reason behind their motto "Always and Forever" and how bonds formed between some of the siblings.

It's fun to indulge the fantasy of the childlike parent and mature child — and the lifestyle that goes with crazy money — but the series' point is always that even though Willy could have anything in the world, what he wants most is to stay put and lead a normal life with his friends.

Willy eventually wins even with the chaos caused by asking his parents to act normal. Meanwhile, Serenity is terrorizing the neighbourhood by practicing to get her driver's license.

Malfactor after which he labels Willy a Rebel and seizes the opportunity to restore order upon the student body by implementing a dress code. In trying to help Stefan, Elena and Damon spend time together and they begin to realize that they have feelings for each other.

Bonnie finally makes a secret deal to reincarnate Klaus in the body of Tyler so that her friends wouldn't die however no one else knows this, as they all believe that Klaus was lying about being the head of their bloodline. Zilla's Opus" is a parody of Mr. In the My mom is dating a vampire wikipedia reality of the present situation, Elena longs for simpler times when her parents, Grayson and Miranda, and Aunt Jenna were still alive and her biggest concern was her relationship with Matt.

The both feel guilt over this and do not speak about it out loud but it is a silent truth between the two of them. But complications arise when Sally tries to get Willy to abandon Alyssa and Q.

Meanwhile, Rock is trying to celebrate his 20th anniversary with Crystal, but each of his plans only seem to upset her.

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At its core, My Dad the Rock Star is a simple cartoon about the difficulties of staying yourself and still fitting in. Zachwiss, doesn't want the dance to change from the boring theme it had for the past 15 years. She rings Damon to tell him that she is going to Stefan and that is who she chooses to be with and says "Maybe if we met first