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Each one has years of experience in matchmaking within the GLBT community. Say hello to genuine, relationship seekers in your community.

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Click here There are no obligations. On Sunday we had a situation while mitigating a known instability problem that resulted in overloading a downstream system component and effectively paralyzing presence flow. We expected cluster to survive through weekend, so that we could schedule a proper maintenance during working week days.

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A smart risk and an investment in yourself and your love and social life. Included in every membership Would you like to be matched to one of our clients?

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A number of Matchmaking architecture core services are globally impacting to all players. MCP Re-architecture Move specific functionality out of MCP to microservices Event sourcing data models for user data Actor based modeling of user sessions Problems that affect service availability are our primary focus above all else right now.

Passport helps increase the chances of this type of relationship by connecting you to your match immediately via phone or Skype.

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Unfortunately, landrush of reconnecting people at the time has effectively killed one of the Friends Service load balancers paralyzing our ability to setup presence flow on new connections. On the right - traffic handled by Friends load balancer. While we operate game servers all over the world, expanding to additional cloud providers and supporting core services in multiple geographical locations will help reduce player impact when services fail.

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Our team of professional matchmakers inspire potential dates to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, make connections and create the future of male companionship with open arms.

Learn More Passport Our bonus service Passport is included for those open to a long distance relationship or looking to relocate.

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Our team speaks to hundreds of interesting and charming men daily and our goal is put you in front of them all - one introduction at a time. Optimize, reduce, and eliminate all unnecessary calls to the backend from the client or servers.

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