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Spinelli finally tells Maxie off, saying that he's done wasting his love on her. Maxie eventually tries to call off the bet after Cooper admits how much he cares for her.

Kroll of Soap Central Live, Lilley spoke about how she had no idea about her being a recast for Storms or the character of Maxie. In a personal YouTube video, Lilley tearfully thanked her fans, stating: After Lulu is released, she and Maxie move into an apartment together.

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Maxie refuses to believe this, and teams up with Damian Spinelli Bradford Anderson to prove Cooper's innocence. By the time they arrive home, they have fallen in love with each other, much to Mac's dismay.

Matt and Maxie begin to casually date, choosing not to be exclusive. Then you have come to the right place! Maxie and Cooper reconcile right before Georgie is murdered. She starts avoiding her family and Spinelli, unable to deal with her guilt.

After they leave, Maxie decides to leave town to find a way to move on.

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When Lucky decides to go to Kiki and michael dating in real life and win Elizabeth back, Maxie pretends to be pregnant to hold onto Lucky. Maxie realizes how supportive Nathan has been to her, and the two start dating.

The indecision causes her to lose custody of Georgie for another six months. Johnny takes the blame to protect Lulu. Spinelli finds out Maxie's feelings, and declares he will not marry her at their wedding ceremony. Maxie discovers that "Levi" is actually Peter Harrell Jr.

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Maxie plans to marry him, but on their wedding day, Levi shows his true colors, kidnapping Maxie and Lulu. Our webmail contains a range of great features e. She starts growing closer to Matt during this time. While in the hospital, Maxie meets Jesse Beaudry Matt Marracciniwho claims to be an undercover cop blamed for a murder he didn't commit.

She also flirts with Johnny, but the two never establish a relationship. Maxie also flirts with Zander Smith Chad Brannon and helps him avoid the law.

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Before leaving with Ellie, Spinelli reveals he's decided to rename their daughter Georgie, in honor of Maxie's sister. Maxie helps set up an art show for the artist Franco James Francoon behalf of Crimson. Soon after, Levi is threatened with deportation when his visa expires.

Inshe dates her crush, Kyle Ratcliffe Andrew St.

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The police further their belief that Cooper was the killer. When Maxie's cousin, Robin Scorpio Kimberly McCulloughis killed in a gas explosion, Maxie believes she was responsible for the gas leak, and tries to get herself arrested for Robin's murder.

He tells Maxie he'll annul their marriage, but she refuses. You can read more about our premium product here.


Maxie is saved by Nathan, while Levi is killed. Maxie helps Jesse and they go on the run. During this time, Maxie's sister Georgie is conceived, but their father Frisco Jones Jack Wagner leaves town again soon after.

He proposes just as they become exclusive, and Maxie accepts, despite her hesitation.

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However, unable to help herself after realizing Logan is in love with Lulu, she blackmails Logan and sleeps with him. When they're finally taken to the hospital, Maxie finds out she has pneumonia, and it's putting a strain on her heart.