The jewish jokes and humour (humor) of The jewish jokes and humour (humor) of

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Joke of the day is constantly a new joke and we try it to be as funny as we can find or think of. Because he fainted at the sight of blood.

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It attempts to classify the different genres and subgenres of verbal humour. The tablet dates to the time of the Biblical Exodus, and is thought to have been written near the Persian Gulf. Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack.

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Why was the young vampire a failure? No, not because of his colorful clothes, way of speaking, waving hands laughing habits or because he was French.

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Beneath the joke of the day you will find links to similar funny jokes. The museum the tablet was housed in was pillaged during the invasion.

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For your convenience we categorize the funny stuff in different sections - please see the left menu to navigate in the website and read the anecdotes and sayings about the topic, which matters to you the most.

Santa Claus Santa Claus comes to a psychiatrist and says: The undeflowered girl became pregnant. Clearly it must be a budget.


Zero none of them needs it. Deep in the forest he stops, all the other bats gather round in an excited frenzy. We take no responsibility for the folklore and the views in it, but we express and fully support the equal rights for everyone, regardless of their political views, rases, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

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What can be worse than a little stone in your shoe? Anyway, if you would like to become a vampire please send two dollars to this address: We also encourage you to send us your jokes - feel free to share top jokes that you have heard.

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Allowed to stay out late. Both of these subspecialties within the field focus on "naturally occurring" language use, i.

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A dead man - who is it? Computational humour Computational humour is a new field of study which uses computers to model humour; [] it bridges the disciplines of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence.