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I totally get it!! We allllll had to work for it. After seeing your review Maryse, I ve been wanting to read it!! I need therapy just to read another love Triangle book because of YOU!!!!!!

And so are many of you feel the same way. I think I was shell-shocked, back then.

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And like you, I too, took a bit of time off before jumping right back into this story. More fun and romance, than angst and heartache.

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Moments where you hate him, and side with her, and then other times, where it is the complete opposite. A few more of my favorite rock star romance books so far! I described it my feelings this way, in a recent discussion: There was a part that… UGH!!!!

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Linde Another book that so many are highly anticipating, and should be out within the next month or so. On a quest to find him again, there can be no other for Jane stephens dating. Very tired today because i stayed up all night reading How to Kill a Rock Star.

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The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher Annnnnd the angst just keeps on coming. And all of his gorgeous groupies agree. Their friendship… you know.

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And as I was saying… every girl wants him. He was wide-open when it came to his heart, and his reactions had me swooning. I mean… you know.

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And I mean, this part of the storyline took me from absolutely wholeheartedly loving the story to almost… not being able to recommend it. This is the whole shebang that will have you seeing red while simultaneously feeling guilty for enjoying it so much.

I need to grow some and just do it! I have to go now and pace back and forth and give myself a pep talk.

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I feel bipolar because I want more, which requires more angst, but I want them to be happy.