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The clues are the openings in the hull, its unnatural smoothness and the fins at water level on its stern.

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The exercise is an interesting one in that it might be extended to any curved surface, three-dimensional object. This feature has been used in the construction of a grid framing a traditional dodecagonal star polygon design. The construction of the square above is only one of a number of ways of constructing a square.

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Usually the khir would be stones, hasathough I have seen it written that sometimes metal was used for this purpose as seems to be indicated by the model.

Because of this, carved plaster work is relatively simple in Qatar and approximations rapidly executed in wet plaster. The spike is fixed into the hole in the stone by the device of driving in two spikes, one from each side of the stone that effectively act as wedges to each other.

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Why this should be so is difficult to say, but it is only when you take the trouble to make investigations such as this that you are able to learn something of the workings of the minds of the original designers. A pair of anchor bitts can be seen standing each side of the prow to which mooring ropes or anchors can be attached for mooring or anchorage.

Concentration on listening to musical concerts or Jazz bands at times causes such violent tension that mental stability is thrown out of window. In the second photograph, the rolled up semi-completed cages can be seen stock-piled prior to their bases being attached.

The photograph, taken inshows the head of the tower in some state of decay which I believe has now been repaired. The planks that form the sides of the craft are usually cut by band saw and will bear the typical marks that are displayed as parallel bands Islamic speed dating at right angles to the length of the plank, typically at about mm centres.

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I should also admit that these sketches are based on the original photographs of the studies, most of the original drawings having been lost — the photographs being the only record I have of them, Islamic speed dating which are in too poor condition to be reproduced.

Arab sailors are said to have invented the cross beam Dating in san francisco tumblr chain method of turning the rudder.

Apart from medical instruments, perhaps one of the most familiar objects to us are the attractive designs of the alustrlaab or astrolabe, used both to make astrological and astronomical observations, surveying, and the marking of prayer times as well as in way-finding.

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Much of earlier Greek work has been lost to us and we must be grateful to Arab mathematicians who carried out work based on Greek traditions. For instance, divided into twelve equal parts, a knotted string was capable of immediately producing the right angle of a triangle of three, four and five sides, a figure that was held to have magical properties.

It may even lead to mania a kind of madness. This model of a pearling dhow shows some of the equipment which is used by the divers. To obtain the final point necessary to complete the five sides, draw two arcs, their centres based on the previous points of intersection of lines and circles.

This panel is capable of being used to create an infinite ground of ten-pointed stars. The second of these two sketches illustrates how a plane might be continuously tiled by a combination of the Cairo and Prismatic tile, this pattern being only one of a number of alternative ways in which the combination might be effected.

An introduction

As I mentioned previously, small craft originally were constructed of teak planks held in place by greased coir rope bindings, creating a flexible construction. Recently I came across a couple of studies that were among the first I carried out; some others have been lost and some are in private ownership.

Complete the five sides of the pentagon. Nevertheless fishing is very popular activity and everybody seems to come back from their trips with fish for the table, friends and family, as well as for the freezer. Note that, in contradistinction to Arabic which is written from right to left, Arabic numerals are written from left to right.

But first a little history…

Here, at the prow, most of the strakes have been added and the ends of the ribs are still projecting, as yet Islamic speed dating. While the junctions of of adjacent mirrors create narrow black lines, the reflective character of the mirrors creates far more complex patterns and constructions which flow and change with the movement of the viewer, an interesting experience, one which is enhanced by the lack of colour in the mirrors.

It is instructive to compare this practical system for constructing decagons with that described below which utilises a pair of compasses and a straight edge.

You can see that a considerable amount of the available deck space has been enclosed and glazed, that above this a deck has been created with seating established on it, and that modern navigation and communication systems have been installed as well as two air-conditioning units.

Arabic / Islamic geometry 02

The place where music is performed, Allah does not look at its participants with mercy. This might have been due to the lines not drying before a new line was added.

Within buildings, as well as on their faces, the designs of naqsh panels are always different. It was carried out to explore the relationship between stars based on ten-point geometry and there must have been construction lines before this was drawn, perhaps just pencilled in as these were all drawn manually rather than with a computer.

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Music is among the things for which Allah has promised the Fire of Hell.