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Though as far as I know there have been no sighting, or incidents or suicides since the new bridge was erected the wooden one was torn down in the late 80's or early 90's.

Millersburg - Little Dixie Lake. Garwood - Sanders Valley - The barn has since burnt down and been rebuilt but the apparition remains. An apparition with a pale face pacing the bell tower has been reported. These events have been witnessed by more than one person at the time and never explained!

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Weeks after the incident, a pencil drawn pentagram with his mothers face drawn into it was found on the backside of the step son's bedroom door. Once inside they began asking questions with their tape recorder going and they got a chill and an eerie feeling.

The so-called lobby you can see form the road is the biggest building. At night sometimes you can hear the baby crying or see the apparition of the mother.

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Jefferson City - Old 94 - A stretch of old highway on the outskirts of Jefferson City, Missouri, is notorious for being haunted. It is said she was in a covered wagon that turned over and rolled down the hill and she was decapitated.

Lexington - Wentworth Military Academy - Marine Speed dating metro bourse - The showers come on by themselves and hear footsteps coming down the hall but nobody was there.

Etterville - Gageville road - It is known of two children running around an old church that is no longer used. Branson - Sycamore Church Road - There are the remains of a burned down house on the paved section of this road.

Campbell - A young boy mysteriously hangs from a tree only on a full moon. The submitter claims to have seen on one occasion what appears to be a figure, more of a light, misty glow, walk over the hill.

There are satanic symbols painted on the bridge, and it is very spooky.

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The music stops and starts as she pleases, and it's played very loudly at times. Also the same location is rumored to be a gateway to hell. A report from a witness to seeing the house before the fire reports that in the house prior to being burned down.

He closes the doors for the other janitors at night when they get done cleaning.

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Hook up driving academy joplin mo, if you rattle the doors and wait, she'll rattle them back at you.

Since it has been reopened, there have been occurrences of things such as hairbrushes flying across the dorm rooms. Vaille did not kill herself after her husband went crazy and died. Recently while 3 men were hiking at night, they claimed to see a woman walking in front of the crying.

It is positioned in a hay field on a rock road just past the local cemetery, and you'll have to Hook up driving academy joplin mo very careful not to be caught trespassing by the owner who lives directly across the road. Nothing will be mentioned for quite awhile; then several residents in their beds, upstairs and down, will mention seeing him on the same night.

At night, and on a quiet day, you can hear a woman cry, and several other people, presumed to be the crying of the loved ones she left behind. All of the students and the coach verified seeing this event, which may be related to stories of a "Woman in Black" that tell of her being a school teacher from Milan many years ago that was killed and is now seen around the town, especially the area of the school, from time to time.

Florence - Rosemary's Bridge - A woman was murdered on this bridge. Also when you look just right you can see a figure hanging inside the church itself.

Macon - National Guard Armory - The armory used to be an Insane Asylum, and soldiers who have had to stay there say they here foot steps down the halls, here doors slamming and often times here faint moans and cries.

Marceline - RT 36 - Just east of Marceline there is a railroad bridge that crosses highway The man "visits" his old bedroom and roams the building late at night "watching" people. It is said that no matter how hard they scrubbed, the blood would not come out of the tub.

Ghosts in the wooden room of faces. They accused her and two others of using witchcraft so they hung them with chains and on every Halloween around midnight you can drive down the road and hear the chains dragging on the top of your vehicle when you go under the tree.