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What are the Rules for Photos? It may help if you resave it in JPG format and make sure the file size is under kb.

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Text in photos other than your user name, real name, date, or email address is NOT permitted. Back to group What is a Primary App Photo?

You may also hide images that you have uploaded. If you've followed our Photo Guidelines and still have trouble posting them, email your photos along with your screen name and instructions Primary photo, Public Photo, Private Photo to support adam4adam.

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Once you unlock a photo, it will stay unlocked for 2 weeks. Do NOT upload photos of anyone else. What options do I have with Photos? You should also be able to transfer your photo to your computer using a data cable, a Bluetooth connection, or through a memory card reader.

Your primary photo cannot be made private. If you are using the mobile site, an iPhone, Android, or if you are using our app you can use the upload feature and transfer them directly from your mobile device.

When you have uploaded private photos locked you will see a link on each member profile that says "Unlock my Private Pic for him". When you click this link your private photos will be unlocked for that member.

The pictures on your profile must be of YOU.

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Back to group How can I transfer photos to the site from my mobile or digital camera? You may upload images as Public or Private. Back to group How long will it take for my photo to appear? Back to group What if I am having trouble uploading photos?

What is a Primary App Photo? There may be unexpected delays, if so, please be patient and do not contact support asking when your photos will be approved, as this may cause further delays.

When you upload photos you are given the option to upload them as 'Public' or 'Private'. Your new photos should be approved within 24 hours. To protect your images we suggest that you put your username or email address on your pictures. Do NOT upload photos that depict sex acts including oral sex, anal sex, penetration, or masturbation.

Do NOT upload photos of more than one person youunless you share the profile with the other person s in the photo and your profile text states that the profile is shared. Your own private photos will always be visible to you.

Each photo must be approved to Free x rated dating the site's members and to maintain the integrity of Adam4Adam.

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Text other than your username or email address is not permitted on photos. How do I add photos to my profile? If your pic is larger than kb in file size we suggest that you reduce it, or you may have problems uploading the photo.

Your photo may be corrupt, in the wrong format, or too large. You can also transfer your photos by emailing the photos from your mobile device to your email account Yahoo!

We recommend that you put your user name on your photos to help identify them as being your photos.