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And The Mirror's source speculated that Tyga's latest relationship may not last if he doesn't change his ways. Zorro - VJ's pet raccoonwho despite being an animal is extremely perverted.

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Tyga's most serious relationship to date was with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, to whom he was engaged for over a year before they split in The year-old also had a high profile romance with Kylie Jenner, dating the reality star for three years before they split in April last year.

He was killed by being frozen by liquid nitrogen in "24ish", but returns in the next episode "Perfect 10 Killer". Celia Bryn McAuley - a country Mormon who is new to the city and works at the Hotel Ego bar with Woody who she despises because of all of Woody's sinning. Irwin Chang - the leader of the Chinese mafia who is menacing despite the fact that he rarely speaks, he communicates through blowing smoke rings understood by his translator Rudolph.

Bryce Noah Cappe - Mark's arch enemy, his coworker who acts like his boss.

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Wang Albert Chung - the owner of A Taste of Wang the local Chinese restaurant, who Best black dating sites also a part-time drug dealerhe has a daughter named Lily.

He is extremely perverted, has seen all the internet porn in the world, and although he still has yet to lose his virginity. Vince - a police officer who takes his job very seriously, his speech is vaguely similar to Al Pacino.

Development[ edit ] The show's existence was first noted in ; at the time, C. The source speculated that Tyga's latest relationship may not last if he doesn't change his ways Fatherhood: Falafel Guy Tony Daniels - a falafel guy, his real name is Jeff but no one seems to care.

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Share shares 'So she met up with him while she was over there in July for a first date, and they started properly dating in October. The British beauty, who has previously dated Wiz Khalifa, was pictured with Usher last month The dark-haired beauty, who previously dated fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, has apparently accused Tyga of having double standards.

Randy Dwayne Hill - a common thief who steals anything he can get his hands on. He is of east Indian descent and he owns a pet raccoon named Zorro. Despite sharing an apartment with his friends Mark and Woody, he does not pay rent.

He shares an apartment with his best friends VJ and Woody.

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A source claims Carla has grown tired of the American rapper's 'controlling' ways Famous face: He is classified as a "playa". Smiley Guy Studios in Toronto was the animation service. Captain Steiner - an elderly nazi who is Woody's best customer at Hotel Ego.

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The Mirror quote a source close to Carla as saying that Tyga has become 'jealous' and 'possessive' since they first started dating last year Enough is enough: