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Only after was the P38 again produced for the German military.

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The larger grip design allows the gun to comfortably fit most hands. The shooter could chamber a round, use the safety- decocking lever to safely lower the hammer without firing the round, and carry the weapon loaded.

This lever can stay down, keeping the pistol "on safe" or be immediately returned to the straight position, keeping the weapon safely "ready" with a double-action trigger pull for the first shot.

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Because United States law allowed domestic production as opposed to importation of the PPK, manufacture began under license in the U. The PPS measures just 0.

Walther: The AP-serie

A new, two-piece wrap-around grip panel construction was used to conceal the exposed back strap. The slide however continues its rearward movement on the frame, ejecting the spent case and cocking the hammer before reaching the end of travel. Also links to other technical data are included.

Spreewerk decided to start recounting but instead of putting a suffix letter they now decided to use a prefix letter. The letter went up one character each time the serial number once more started at 1.

Only a handfull of those pistols were produced because the German army decided to go for the more advanced P The first 10, pistols produced at the start of the year had no suffix letter.

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The gun uses an ambidextrous design with the magazine releases incorporated into both sides of the triggerguard for easy operation. Thanks to Dating walther pistols DA trigger and the omission of a manual safety, the P99 is always ready to be fired when loaded.

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Most of the P38 pistols produced after this variation have rectangular loopholes. At the beginning of a new year, both the serial numbers and suffix letters again started over. After a few thousand pistols the Heer changed all codes from numbers to letters and Walther was given the "ac" code.

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It was released in A schematical drawing is shown below. The first of the new P38s were delivered to the West German military in Junesome 17 years and two months after the pistol had initially Dating walther pistols action in World War II, and from to the P38 was again the standard sidearm.

The PPS employs a variety of Pbased technology, including a polymer frame, an ambidextrous magazine release built into the triggerguard and interchangeable backstraps. Built for police and military use as well as commercial sales, the Walther P99 incorporates handling and operational attributes that set it apart from most contemporary semi-automatic pistols.