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The first film, Repulsion, was about sexual desire and its effect on the mind—in Dating the devil comic case, psychosis. However, if the Wizard has a stronger will and power, they can reverse the binding and bind the would-be summoner. Top 10 Devil themed Movies Share.

Glob warns Brute not to say the name "Morpheus", because that could give him immediate entry to their sanctuary. There is one instance of summoning the title character by saying his preferred name Morpheus. Misato uses this to escape kidnappers by repeating Rei's name over and over; as Rei helped kill the Elder God mentioned below in Literature, this allows Rei to possess one of the kidnappers.

This film gets into your subconscious and makes you paranoid. The tension is palpable from the first frame, and it just keeps growing.

In Fred Saberhagen 's Empire of the Eastthe arch-wizard Wood itself an alias is too afraid to say the demon-prince Orcus' name, or even think it.

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This movie needs repeated viewings to get the full effect. In an issue of Wolverineit is revealed that perennial X-Men villain Spiral is aware or alerted whenever anyone anywhere mentions her. In The Kingkiller Chroniclethe Chandrian have some sense of when and where their name is spoken and might even be able to locate their depictions in art.

In this film a group of people go to a screening of a violent horror movie. Characters refer to the Furies as "The Dating the devil comic Ones", as the ancient Greeks did; in this case, it's also to avoid attracting their attention.

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Similar to the knights, Mab is mindful to not speak the Names of any being of Power, particularly Fallen Angels and Archangels. There are thousands of dating websites out there, yet very few of them focus on the disabled singles audience. This is especially apparent during the many close-ups of her legs; particularly around her thighs and calves.

Molly then became "Bloody Molly", appearing when they tried to make Gail Kim do the same thing. Justified since Yohko and the demons she faces use bladed weapons.

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Thankfully, it happened only when she Hook up 9241 receiver temporarily de-aged.

In this movie about Satan, evil wins. In the spinoff series Lucifer, the eponymous protagonist threatens the queen of the Japanese afterlife who has been using the souls of living dreamers to punish the ignoble dead, which is apparently seen as "poaching" with Dream as the gamekeeper with calling on the Dream King by merely saying his name.

Literature In The Belgariadsaying the name of Zedar allows him to listen in on your conversation. The movie shows us both sides of the story, the factual and the faith-based, and lets audiences make up their own mind.

For demonkindonce the girls of The Mano Clan come of age.

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Wizards are forbidden from saying the number eight because it draws the attention of the Eldritch Abomination Bel-Shamharoth, the Sender of Eight.

Someone has coined the term " hasturbating " to refer to the process of invoking this meme. Michael and his angels fought against Dragon. Yohko can channel magic in this fashion, by using her hair clips.