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Dating texting dos and donts, discuss this!

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Text to see how their day is going. Don't text a break up. It's nice to go down memory lane, especially with inside jokes, really nice evenings, trips and the like. If you send pictures, make sure there isn't anything in the background that could make your picture look bad -- don't take pictures from the bathroom.

See if they notice.

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If you really like the other person and are not genuinely busy, replying to the text as quickly as possible saves the drama and may also get things going for you. People have lost jobs over pictures on the Internet.

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Check out these texting tips with the list of dos and don'ts to guide you. Do not pelt the phone of a person you are in love with, with text after text.

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But some only texting me just to make what they really want in me. When you've hung out with each other and you like it, let them know through a text that you had fun Otherwise, that text will wait.

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Text them to let them know how you feel. Nikki September 25, No, you leave this guy right where he left you … Confused! If you always rush to text someone, you might freak them out.

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And even walking while texting can be dangerous: But he is nice and willing to know me more,i had a video call and texting all are nice and good we had a nice talk.

Use texting when you are both at an event where you can't call each other, like a meeting, a busy party, something to keep the distance short even though you are not able to speak or be right next to each other. Just for fun, try rhyming through a text conversation.

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You should text people when you have good control over your emotions and thoughts He or she is probably tied up; allow ample time for a meeting, commute or meal to end.

Send them a text when you get home after hanging out to let them know you made it home safely. Give them compliments -- shoot for how attractive they are or what a great personality they have. Be careful using the kissy face.


You are making a strong demand on them and that is not fun. When they're sick, ask them if you can help in anyway. Cat Face or Mr. Take breaks from your phone.

If you can't think of anything at all, sometimes a simple "hey" works as a nudge. So try talking about various things to make it seem as though you are interested.

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ASAP is the cue! Do not complain in texting about a lack of chores being done. It's most likely better to call and leave a text message over a voicemail.

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