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Yes, thanks and I really do appreciate and welcome comments from this listing. All other things being equal, larger pieces usually sell for more than smaller ones. The seller probably listed this with the best intentions, but this is not a pre figure.

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Pre-Victorian figures, circa to I wrote to the seller classic. Staffordshire Figures ", published around Never know what we are going to find next Best wishes, Myrna Schkolne From: The thought hadn't crossed my mind The listing lets me think that this seller may have made a genuine error, but the figures are NOT antique.

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They even rub bits into the unglazed portion on the bottom of a piece. Note the typical Kent base colors that green coupled with yellow. Collectors also Dating staffordshire figures pieces with rich, dark colors.

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Currently viewable at http: Dear locksley23, I am sure you listed with only the very best intentions so I thought you would like to know that this figure is a very modern reproduction of an early 19th century figure group. The seller amended his description. David notes that if you see deep gouges or scrapes on the bottom of a piece, it probably means some marks were scraped off to make them seem older.

That evening, the figure's owner called me. I try to be the first one there at the shows finding the items first. Occasionally, things don't go that well. WOOD, are excellent in every way, and go far to prove what a skillful artist this Wood was. The figure group is a well known Kent reproduction made in the 20th century.

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Weight is irrelevant to price. The original figure is also in my book, photographed from several angles. An appreciative and courteous response from Hartleys on Aug Described as a "Staffordshire figure of a camel" and dated cc Can you guess why not?

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The owner of a shop that specializes, I think, in pre-owned decorative items called me demanding to know if a figure he had was antique.

I never get a response, but about half the time the listing is corrected.

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Other pointers to late date: Instead, I wrote to the seller of this item: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. What's odd about this description accompanying a Toby jug on a dealer's web site?