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This was a more sturdy and secure fastener, as the wire was secured with a hook at the bottom of the earring. The author is attempting to date pieces of this jewelry to specific decades. It comes in a variety of styles, one of which is a box clasp with safety chains which helps prevent the tab from pulling out causing jewelry to drop off.

Lobster clasp Named after the pinching style of the hook, a lobster clasp is often shaped like a lobster's claw. How could there possibly be that many? It's a hollow circular metal fastener with a spring opening that keeps the clasp closed.

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If they are slightly different metal or make than the body of the piece, you likely have a replaced clasp. Any info you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

It comes in a variety of styles some even have rhinestones in itsizes, and shapes that will surely suit your needs.

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A great example is jewelry manufactured by Hollycraft during the s. A jewelry clasp, or jewelry fastener, is the mechanism that allows a necklace or bracelet to easily be put on and taken off without causing any damage.

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A versatile clasp - it comes in many shapes and finishes. I'm not sure how to word this question about a particular pair of earings so thst it can be understood but, I'll try.

The spring ring clasp, introduced in the early 20th century, is the most common vintage bracelet clasp. Since Hollycraft was not a huge manufacturer like Coro or Trifari, and had a more defined style, this information is not of great use in identifying general styles of the decade.

A safety mechanism locks the two ends in place.

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Thank you for making it. It eventually evolved into the modern locking clasps in use today. It has a spring inside the ring that allows it to open and snap closed. The hook end is slim and may have some scalloped notches in it that give it the appearance of an antique key.

You have opened my eyes to a whole new world of fun collecting.

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Vintage and More Modern Jewelry Clasps 1. The Push Button Clasp - The push button clasp can come in a variety of forms. Usually, the necklace had a chain that allowed the hook to use any of the chain links, making the necklace length adjustable.

Some push button clasps have a lever or button that must be pressed to release the closure. Both fish hooks and kidney wire earring backs are still in use today. It is also a very popular choice for everyday jewelry.