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The Bank of Ghana is the central bank and issues the national currency, the cedi.

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But it was not until the 15th Century that the Islam religion impacted the northern territories of modern Ghana. Beginning in the mids, there has been a marked rise in the number of privately owned vehicles, especially automobiles.

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This was accompanied by a more receptive policy toward investment by developed countries, though political instability resulted in a number of erratic economic policies.

Bywhen the administration of Pres.

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Animals are scarcely used except in the extreme north, where horses and donkeys are sometimes employed. The Cocoa Marketing Board established to regulate cocoa prices was abolished in following charges of corruption but was reconstituted in as the Ghana Cocoa Board.

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By far the smallest of the regions, the coastal zone is traditionally a region of fishermen and small-scale farmers. In general, most soils are formed in place from parent rock material that has been subjected to prolonged erosion and consequently has limited fertility. In the late s, measures were instituted to widen the tax net to increase revenue, and subsidies for many goods—especially food items and imported fuel—and for public utilities were drastically reduced.

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Kumasianother prominent commercial centre, is located in the south-central part of the country. Cement factories have been developed at Tema and Takoradiand there is an aluminum smelter at Tema as well.

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The country takes it name from the great medieval trading empire that was located northwest of the modern-day state until its demise in the 13th century. It continues on Saturday and this is called Memeneda Dapaa.

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Dipo festival - The Dipo festival is the greatest legacy of Krobo land. Soils Throughout the country, weathering, leaching, and the formation of laterite hardpans hard, impervious layers composed chiefly of iron and aluminum oxides cemented by relatively insoluble materials by capillary movement the movement of water containing mineral salts to the surface and evaporation are common processes that vary in importance according to the characteristics of each locality.

Celebrated by the people lof Odumase Krobo; Asafotufiam: Each time that a king dies, his Dating in kumasi ghana "chair" is sent to a special place where it is kept. The general population percent on the Christian followers rose to 62 percent according to an estimate.

Population density is relatively high, especially in the cacao-growing areas.

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Air[ edit ] Kumasi is served by the Kumasi Airport. Unfortunately, decades of corruption, mismanagement, and military rule stymied growth and achievement. The Akan language is the most spoken language of Ghana.