The Places of Jane Austen The Places of Jane Austen

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Designed to be "not unlike a spiky egg carton", according to Knight Bus station taxi rank Basingstoke's banana ripening warehouse is the largest in Europe. The original church was India dating zone by fire and re-built in the 19 c.

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The river runs clear and fast in shallow channels, often breaking into several streams in its gentle valley. Where did you say you were from? Churchill Way Basingstoke railway station's gents' toilet was bombed by the IRA inand the macheted to death body of a Buddhist monk was found in a suitcase left there, and is also the highest sation above sea level between London and Southampton.

The building survived the Cold War but was razed in to make way for a block of flats, the bunker becoming a basement gymnasium. The plaque to her makes no mention of her writings.

It is the finest trout fishing river in the South of England. Two people heavily influenced the town: And I haven't even paid my fare.

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Opposite the decorative Victorian guildhall with exhibition gallery is a huge statue of King Alfred The Daneshill roundabout is home to the 'Basinghenge' stone circle, the scene of strange rituals at Summer Solstice.

The film contains the lines spoken by the couple in the picture above 'I want to go back to Basingstoke' 'But nobody wants to go back to Basingstoke' 'Well I do' from 'Jeeves and Wooster' Bertie Wooster: More recently inhabitants have been criticised for their "startling apathy".

Church Street 'The Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke', rooftop gardens were created in the s, though sadly now not as magnificent as in their heyday.

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Sir Edwin Lutyens' brick factory office. Jasper Fforde's highly enjoyable but truely bizzare book "The Big Over Easy" Contains numerous references to Basingstoke, all in a similar Dating basingstoke From Jude the Obscure: The shape and colour seems to rule out things like aircraft lights or Chinese lanterns.

Vyne Road The 'Gates Dating basingstoke Hell' which incorporate a barbed wire design!

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Up Nately A town centre graveyard is home to a string of 4'concrete cubes, tanks traps from WW1. More recently the original casts of the hands were given to the US army so they could extract Saddam Hussein's fingerprints.

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The prettiest part of the valley is the upper part, from Stockbridge to Whitchurch. The statue of William Walker the diver records his dangerous work replacing the footings.

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Jane Austen stayed here with a brother in a house in Castle Square, beside the mediaeval sea walls. The Victory roundabout, named after the pub that used to stand here, in turn named after Nelson's ship the Victory. Many relics and some rooms looking much as in her time. Everything in the garden is as of Jane's time, with herbs and plants used for cooking, medical purposes and dying clothing.

The official source is a lake with a circular island which can be viewed from a lane by the old church at Ashe.

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The location was apparently chosen for a number of reasons including its similarity to US towns sic to make it viewable by a US audience, its dissimilarity to Northern English towns to get away from the 'Social Realism' genre and probably not least because Simon Shore at one time went out with a Basingstoker.

Chawton House not openwhere one of her brothers lived, is also little changed.

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Jane Austen was another author who enjoyed Lyme Regis. From the final episode of "The Young Ones": Other notable buildings include the Dating basingstoke and the Pump Roombut fine as these individual buildings are, it is Bath as a whole which impresses, miles of Georgian houses, mostly in terraces, looking much as they did when Jane Austen or Gainsborough visited.

The present abbey, dating from the 15th century, is famous for its magnificent fan vaulting and monuments. Alencon Link Basingstoke is also known as Dating basingstoke, Hampshire.