Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal

Dating an elgin pocket watch, the studebaker

Johnson, Mechanical Superintendent of the company, suggested the erection of an Observatory and the installation of a telescope, chronograph and sidereal clock, so that the company could take its own time, in its own building, and by its own appliances.

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Elaborate painted cases, enameled cases, and those made of gold or set with precious stones are generally more valuable than plain cases, unless the plain pocket watch possesses a fine movement made by an important maker like one listed in the History section above. Later, they would build their own movement factory in Switzerland.

Here is a Pocket Watch Buyers Checklist to give you an idea of what to check before making a pocket watch purchase.

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Watch manufacturers often printed a company's name on the dial in return for ordering a specific number. Antique Styles There are two main styles of pocket watches - the hunter case and the open-face.

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The general information captured above will quickly lead to an initial idea of value. Bigalow, and were 18 size, full plate, key wind.

How To Identify & Verify An Elgin Pocket Watch

Making sure trains ran on time was important and so this grade is better than a standard grade and as such will be more valuable. Today, the company is called South Bend.

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The one for insurance purposes will typically have a higher value as it should cover the real cost of replacement. I have seen a lot of fake Elgin watches with the name Elgin stamped on the face of the antique or vintage watch, but when you open the actual watch, there is either no serial number at all, or someone has attempted to create one or change one.

Look for scratched or dented crystals and faces, movements damaged beyond repair and missing jewels, stems or wind-up keys.

Auctions of Illinois Pocket Watches on eBay:

This soon proved to be too great a task, and in a New York office was established at 11 Maiden Lane, in charge of J. It is however pretty meaningless when you are doing the actual valuation.

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Recognizing The Face of The Watch All of the Elgin watches that I have ever seen that were genuine do have certain words written on the face of the watch. Finding a pocket watch made prior to is rare these days. Stephen Bogoff, an American expert in antique pocket watches who has been in the auction business sinceis one of the few reliable online sources where one can educate themselves on the current market as well as view the various ages and styles.

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The invention of this type of case has Arab matchmaking dating attributed to either Wellington or Napoleon. Fromwatches were fitted with a new device - the lever escapement.

Elgin Pocket Watch Appraisal Explained

It is planned to devote a portion of the first floor for the use of the men as a club room. There may be a tough tortoiseshell on the outside case with a silver case within.

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This heralded the addition of the minute hand. You now know the year which is always important in terms of value. Many people believe that the case is the most important thing and when advertising focus on that.

The buildings are of brick with stone trimming, and the visitor is at once impressed with their compact and, at the same time, convenient arrangement. They came to Springfield in April and began work on the machine shop tools in a temporary shop, as it was found necessary to build the machine shop tools, that being the quickest way to get them at that time.

How To Identify An Elgin Pocket Watch

Case — Again with the case look for scratches, chips, dents and general condition. I am sure they had no idea that their timepieces would someday be collected. Most sell for considerably less at auction. The English claim Wellington; the French, Napoleon.

History of the Pocket Watch

The Collector These collectors are to be admired for their profound interest in a very complicated piece of engineering - a piece both practical and often a work of art.

The code was usually stamped on the back of the watch case. Initially, Dietrich and Fred designed the watch movements in America and manufactured them in Germany. All movements are set on jewels with the bog standard being 7 jewels.

The simplest way to identify an Elgin pocket watch is by the serial number on the movement.