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To supply the taldes, support groups maintained safe houses and zulos small rooms concealed in forests, garrets or underground, used to store arms, explosives or, sometimes, kidnapped people; the Basque word zulo literally means "hole". A spokesperson speaking on a video announcing the ceasefire said the group wished to use "peaceful, democratic means" to achieve its aims, though it was not specified whether the ceasefire was considered permanent by the group.

Their loss of sympathisers has been reflected in an erosion of support for the political parties identified with them.

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Couple — refers to a couple looking for additional sexual partners. In April Jurdan Martitegi was arrested, making him the fourth consecutive ETA military chief to be captured within a single year, an unprecedented police record, further weakening the group. Another benefit to writing this kind of ad is that you save on the cost of the ad.

France has since stopped the practice of deporting ETA members to other places than to Spain to be judged.

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This requires good police and intelligence work as well as political determination. In part of the video, the spokesperson said that the group was "prepared today as yesterday to agree to the minimum democratic conditions necessary to put in motion a democratic process, if the Spanish government is willing.

Elected parliamentarians, city councillors and ex-councillors, politicians in general: The 11 September attacks in the USA appeared to have dealt a hard blow to ETA, owing to the worldwide toughening of "anti-terrorist" measures such as the freezing of bank accountsthe increase in international police coordination, and the end of the toleration some countries had, up until then, extended to ETA.

In the s, ETA pm accepted the Spanish government's offer of individual pardons to all ETA prisoners, even those who had committed violent crimes, who publicly abandoned the policy of violence.

ETA was initially blamed for the Madrid bombings by the outgoing government [77] and large sections of the press.

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ETA also began to menace leaders of other parties besides rival Basque nationalist parties. Personal Ad Abbreviations Sometimes browsing through personal ads feels more like cracking the Da Vinci code than looking for a date.

Still, the act with the largest social impact came the following year. Small picture used to represent a person. On the matter of political violence, Aukera Guztiak stated their right not to condemn some kinds of violence more than others if they did not see fit in this regard, the Basque National Liberation Movement MLNV regards present police actions as violence, torture and state terrorism.

As the regional police Ertzaintza in the Basque Country and Mossos d'Esquadra in Catalonia took a greater role in combating ETA, they were added to their list of targets.

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However, his involvement with the GAL could never be proven. There is much controversy over the degree to which this policy of " sanctuary Free dating sites for firemen continued even after the transition to democracy, but it is generally agreed that currently the French authorities collaborate closely with the Spanish government against ETA.

EHAK made the announcement that they would apply the votes they obtained to sustain the political programme of the now banned Aukera Guztiak platform. After this, Jon Anza's family members asked for a second autopsy to be carried out.

Yoyes was a former member of ETA who had abandoned the armed struggle and rejoined civil society: This response came to be known as the "Spirit of Ermua".

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Confusingly enough, this can also Dating acronym ata Cute or Christian. The bill passed the Cortes with a to 16 vote.

For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click. The explosion caused the Dating acronym ata of the building and killed two Ecuadorian immigrants who were napping inside their cars in the parking building.

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Pictures of him with a symmetrically swollen face of uncertain etiology were published after his incommunicado period leading to claims of police abuse and torture. It has to be noted that almost in any Spanish jail there is a group of ETA prisoners, as the number of ETA prisoners makes it difficult to disperse them.

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Reaching this decision had taken 25 years and was critical in curbing ETA's capabilities by denial of previously safe territory in France. The assassination had been planned for months and was executed by placing a bomb in a tunnel dug below the street where Carrero Blanco's car passed every day.

Hundreds of politicians in Spain required a constant bodyguard service. Claiming a need to prevent ETA from coercively impeding this reinsertion, the PSOE government decided that imprisoned ETA members, who previously had all been imprisoned within the Basque Country, would instead be dispersed to prisons throughout Spain, some as far from their families as in the Salto del Negro prison in the Canary Islands.

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As a consequence, the group's attacks since the revelation have generally been dubbed state terrorism. Changing the constitution was not considered. In comparison, the habeas corpus term for other suspects is three days.