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Stage Seven — Surrender and Dissolution Once the shadow of your relationship has been revealed, you may experience a period of surrender. Both Cooper and Caroline were stabbed by Earle a scene which Cooper encounters in the red room in the series' final episode. For those who need only brief episode info, here is a list of "TV Guide" style synopses with virtually no spoilers: The moral of the Twin Flame story is to love unconditionally, have faith, and persevere against all odds to get the job done!

We already know that Cooper is flawed, for his various mistakes and the tragedy of what happened with Caroline.

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The difference between reality and fantasy has never been clear to me anyway. See the next question for more details. Evidence includes the dream he recounts to Bobby and the shot of him on a throne in a jungle that we see at the beginning of episode 20, as well as the reluctance of Air Force Colonel Riley to talk about the White Lodge in episode It's in the State of Washington, but where exactly is not clear.


It has been stated that the original intent was to show an image of BOB "sculpted" into the carpet. Upon reflection, I believe there's a connection between his appearance and Josie's fear, as if he was attracted to it It is some men's fate to face great darkness.

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Laura's killer is revealed; money woes strain Bobby and Shelly's relationship; Audrey confronts her father about One-Eyed Jack's. Now it means that it's very hard Seinfeld elaine dating loophole her to cry and let go of her emotions because she sees that as an area that "belongs" to me.

He is in a sense, the best humanity has to offer.

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Ben's request to save Audrey's life stymies Cooper; Donna goes to another picnic; Josie's cousin arrives from Hong Kong. The ITL soap opera spoof that appeared in most first season episodes disappeared in the second season.

You may think I've gone insane, but I promise you: TOP of section E5. He does and tells them BOB is in the basement of the hospital. If TP had gone for just one more season, I belive that the last vestiges of Cooper's mind would have been able to tap into the power of the White Lodge, and free himself from BOB--probably resulting in BOB's defeat and possible destruction.

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He tells her to have Hawk meet him at the Palmer's house to make a sketch of the man Sarah remembered. According to the shooting script for episode 2, it is the shadow of a bird.

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In episode 26, we see an owl flying around the night sky within the silhouette of the hooded figure. He does not quote it quite accurately.

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When ABC bought the series, the video rights to the broadcast episodes went to Worldvision a division of Spelling Entertainment, which had been closely affiliated with ABCbut the video rights to the pilot remained with Warner Home Video.

Wed, 17 May In Cooper's recap at the beginning of episode 24, he says Josie possibly died "from fear". An owl is also watching when Leo wakes up and goes after Shelly with an axe in episode Does Kyle MacLachlan really like cherry pie?