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Dating a dancer reddit, trending news: real strippers reveal what it's really like to work the pole

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I actually met quite a few friends dancing Im still in contact with, so there are some normal people who arent total dicks.

Shafir11 Fuck Melissa, too. Different strokes for different folks!

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Let me do my job. Also, doing "more" doesnt mean earning more, but some clubs attract more wealthy clientele. All in all its really not a bad gig.

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It really wasnt as bad as people assume it is, but you do have to have a thick skin, solid sense of yourself and your values to not turn into a total asshole.

He proceeds to wake up, get dressed and take me home just like that.

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Obviously there are a few here and there who are going to community colleges or had started in programs like that, etc. It's an extremely good source of income - usually around 8k a month working 4 days a week. You might also be interested in: It included a background dancer of one of my good friends.

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Share this article Share Scandalous: Shut the fuck up dude. A lot of girls do sell and do drugs mostly coke to sell high priced rooms our rooms are an hour, we get of it.

I usually have a few drinks at the beginning of my shift.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. Some girls show up, and stay out of the drama, while others are drunk or high or both and create as much as possible.

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Someone asked that very question on AskRedditand the responses have flowed in, to say the least. It's also a lot more physically demanding than I thought it would be.

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The end of a relationship is never a nice thing. I don't even remember what it was, but he was really upset that she lied to him.

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Later that day our brother and I pushed the guy around a bit. But am a real life stripper in a big city.


I lock all of my belongings up, and mostly stay out of the other girls' way. It's really not as gross and seedy as people make it out to be. It's physically and mentally demanding.

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I ended up having a breakdown at lunch with a coworker and took the rest of the day off. I meet a lot of girls - most of whom are nice. Why not wait, FFS?!