Curta Calculator past sales archive Curta Calculator past sales archive

Curta calculator dating, over 800 curta owners and close to 1,000 curtas!

Rick Furr Take the problem of - This rare Curta calculator type 1, serial number Put in the first number, crank, enter the second, then raise the handle to engage the subtraction function. A Curta represented as being "Mint" can only be verified as being mint via direct personal examination It certainly is not cast in stone.

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This example is in good cosmetic condition but operation is spotty. It also gained a reputation of toughness with the vast majority of returns for servicing being due to curious owners trying to take their Curtas apart, only to find that getting one back together again was a whole different matter.

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Another rare item is the bottom foam cushion for a Type II cannister. Regardless, Essays scarlet letter hester prynne great majority of mechanical problems can be fixed.

But the clever bit was when Hertzstark got rid of all the number registers and replaced them with a single unit called a step drum.

Most excellent Curtas were used only a few times before being put away and then forgotten. It's impossible to overstate the danger that Herzstark found himself in.

The Curta Calculator poster is very suitable for framing and will make a wonderful gift to any Curta enthusiast. Older Curtas must be given some leniency when evaluating them.

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This fabulous poster shows a detailed layout of the inner working of Curt Herzstark's amazing machine. For large numbers, there's a carriage control to shift the multiplier to the next value.

I am a building foreman. The body is very nice and shows no wear or tear and there are just a few minor scuffs on the outer metal case. What a great idea you had and thanks again so much for creating it. Then I thought, now it is all over, as that was very strictly forbidden, no?

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This will hang in my office at NASA. Some relief from tedious manual number crunching came in the 17th century with the invention of logarithms followed by mechanical aids like the slide rule and the first adding machines.

They were also about as portable as a fishing anchor, with even the "lightweight" machines clocking in at around 34 lb 15 kg. I have the poster displayed temporarily in a poster frame with a thin plastic cover until I have a permanent frame made for it. Scratches allowed on the a plastic or metal crank arm upper surface caused by the fingernail as the crank is turned; black anodizing on body may have very slight mottling or uniform fading due to sunlight; grey paint on a Type II is in superb condition but may have some darkening yellowing due to oils and handling, and perhaps one or two extremely small paint chips.

Subtraction is equally easy. On the side of the Curta are a series of slides and number indicators to input numbers and a readout on the top to give answers to operations.

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One can get the result of a subtraction figuratively by adding the complementary number to it. A small flaw can always be found on every Curta that is not in "Mint" condition.

I have a Curta that Curta calculator dating inherited from my great Uncle. Curtas in need of parts no longer available are usable only as a "parts unit" for another broken Curta.

"The world's first, last, and ONLY, mechanical handheld pocket calculator.*"

Similarly, the metal clearing lever for the Type I is in short supply. In the end, Wu's Curta wasn't palmable, but was four times as large about the size of a coffee canand weighed about three pounds 1.

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The owner took care to not mishandle the instrument when it was used, probably only indoors. You did a really great job on it and I'd think any Curta collector will want one too.

We will allow you to make and draw everything. The lietz tag is from the distributer.

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Like the original Curta poster, this fabulous poster shows a detailed layout Curta calculator dating the inner working of Curt Herzstark's amazing machine. This Curta operates as it should. And most important is this: He then simplified things even further by adding a second drum on top of the first in reverse, so a simple shift in the mechanism changed it from addition to subtraction.