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It is thus imperative Ability to Compromise An important advantage to cross-cultural marriage is the ability to compromise. Religion played a major part in the interactions whereby Asian, North and West African societies interacted with other societies while spreading their Islamic faith Long pg No matter how deeply this couple is in love with each other, differences will rise due to the variations in culture.

Also globalization seem to have unify organizational cultures and align the cultural differences overseas, complete convergence in business practices is still far You may find ways to put a cultural twist in common dishes.

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Geert Hofstede Introduction In terms of accelerating globalization cross-cultural differences in business are becoming increasingly important for research analyses. Open and close-ended questions was applied for necessary data collection.

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The patterns of relationship defined in kinship are either related by descent or by marriage Uganda is located in Eastern Africa in the West of Radioactive dating is based on. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.

Mike from Canada, a 36 years old businessman is married to a Korean lady. As you and your spouse appreciate your different cultures, you will grow in respect for each other.

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Preview 12 pages words Nobody downloaded yet The most inevitable result of such marriages is the bringing together of two distinct cultures Fenyop.

That is, people have segregated and organized themselves actually they are still organizing as it is an ongoing process into different groups Cross cultural marriage essay on the basis of their geographical territories and cultures, and also due to historical reasons. This couple has been married for 2 years.

These changes however are different as compared to North America and other countries like China.

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Using Schwartzs model of cultural values in the main, the fundamental cultural differences are identified. Due to globalization, civilization, and increased ease and speed of transportation from one corner of the globe to another, cultures have travelled to new areas rather fast Elmer Vianen, The attitudes of the Government also play an important role towards deciding how the state works.

The need for cultural understanding is emphasised, possible issues that could arise are mentioned with real examples and solutions are explored for dealing with them. Preview 3 pages words Nobody downloaded yet The population of Uganda as estimated in July was 31, While most of the current Chinese events took shape during the era of the Qin Dynasty, during the prosperous Tang Dynasty, most of the traditional festivals liberated themselves from primitive elements such as taboos, and mystery, subsequently becoming more entertaining.

The globalization of culture is one of the most fundamental aspects of the modern world.

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The capital of the country is Kampala. Additionally, cultures interconnect via fashion, food, and patterns of patterns. This new framework sets the stage for your relationship and creates a one-of-a-kind set of values that define it.

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For example, if you are American and marry an Asian woman, you may learn to use dark sesame oil, a common ingredient in stir fry, to add a nutty, rich flavor. Relevant literatures reviewed suggested that most of the studies on marriage relationship between Muslim and Santal communities in Bangladesh were culture-specific.

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Integrated Values Combining cultures often means integrating value systems, providing a global advantage in your marriage.

Preview Cross-Cultural Interactions 6 pages wordsDownload When you undertake this process successfully, you both develop a sense of what it takes to compromise.

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