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Dan Haggerty My wife and I rekindled the passion we once had by following Dr. Ava's vision in creating this program is vital, especially in a time when people have drifted away from the joys of everyday life, love and pleasure.

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Every page is a memorable eye opener. The final exam is fully based upon the Life Coach Courseware that is provided along with the Life Coach Certification. For international callers, charges are determined by your local provider. The instructional and expert videos, as well as the stellar course materials are second to none.

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Valerie Baber Loveology University courses have increased my preparedness for a broader clientele and have added techniques to my professional toolbox. As an intimacy coach, I must be ready to help many kinds of people with many kinds of problems.

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Ava and Loveology University. My LU education has directly resulted in more success and flexibility for my business.

Ava's advice, this world would be a much better place, and we would all be having great sex. If you have gone through the courseware properly, you should not have a problem clearing the exam.


Ava is in demand internationally Certified dating coach training an expert commenting on the latest TV news trends, as a guest on talk shows, and as a media therapist on multiple reality shows.

I am now writing for Cosmo and many other mainstream publications along with creating exotic intimacy retreats abroad. Would being on a mission to end world divorce inspire you? Gurutej Kaur If you know it's time to learn all the things about love, sex and connection you wished you had learned at home or in school, or somewhere other than the school of trial and error, then Loveology is your answer.

As a sex therapist and professor of human sexuality, my career has blossomed in new areas thanks to Dr.

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The certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the word "online". You may be motivated to take this training solely for personal development.

Become a Certified Relationship Coach

An online transcript that mentions your score and which you can use to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time. My girlfriend can attest to this as she says I'm the best lover she has ever had. What happens if I fail the exam?

Check out our Relationship Coach Training Courses: Alana Curry, Actress Dr. During certification you will go through our certification process, which includes: