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More evidence surfaces Thanks to the Internet, SVU doesn't have to look far to find the cell phone video Amaro and rollins hook up by the bystander, seeing as she uploaded it to a cop watch site, the fictional "Eyes on Cops. Murphy asks if that was a yes or a no.

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Rollins is immediately concerned and Sondra tells Rollins that her boss needs her address. The fun times end abruptly But the party never lasts too long on Law and Order: She tells Fin it is more of a nature trip. Rollins says she will need a DNA sample form Carlos. She wonders how, as the court took his passport.

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You lost your head for a minute, but your impulse was right. He says he is Lt. As she seems to be thinking about what happens next, we fade to black. When Anton voices concern over the baby, Rollins realizes he is the father, telling Sondra nice work.

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Mavis says she would not matter if he did, he is Frank Maddox and gets away with everything. So Amaro takes off in pursuit of the suspect.

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Benson asks why did he lie, and he says look what they are accusing him of and would they believe him? Draper notes that Anton put him up to it, a man the NY Times just profiled as a superstar international art dealer.

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The judge allows it but tells Barba to tread carefully. Sondra says she can work it off. Langon says she needs rehab, not jail time. This proves too much for her to handle and she is seen gambling, smoking and drinking in the final scene. Rollin gives a sad look to Fin who looks sadly back at her.

Fin also mentions Rollins bringing in the elimination DNA sample.

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Amaro is of Cuban descent and attributes his firm belief in divorce to watching his mother, Cesaria Nancy Ticotinsuffer through her marriage. The bad guy doesn't always get put in prison.

Me, not so much.

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The judge says their summations and the verdict will be delivered without Frank and the trial will proceed. I think that is one of the things that I'm looking forward to in the coming episodes; to really find out whether it is ever revealed.

After this, she is forced to work for them so she won't get exposed to her partners and her job. They watch a news conference from Paris where Frank states his ex-wife has a vendetta and he will not come back to the US. Rollins leaves and then gets a message on her phone.

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Fin listens to Marcelo complain about what took them so long, and Marcelo sees Rollins and his eyes grow wide. Amaro questions if Maria was diagnosed with PTSDand expresses his regret that he did not try harder to understand what she was going through.

Fin adds they had to admit Frank gave the crew an iPad after the charges were brought up. Sondra adds that it is a victimless crime — insurance fraud - and they want to help her come to the right decision.

Cohen objects to the relevance, but Barba counters that it goes to a pattern of behavior.