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I was planning my next move when the Virgin reached over and took my hand. We just don't want you to be ours. When a woman finally meets a "real" man, she's very very happy because she has waited so damn long for those sour boy grapes to mature into a luscious, velvety virile gentleman.

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The year-old virgin She had one of those perma-smiles on her face as she walked into my office for the first time. He wants to please you, and takes great pleasure in making sure that happens.

Yes, we love our moms -- all good men do.

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Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free After ordering we munched on chips and salsa and got another pitcher of margaritas while continuing to conversate. If there is a tug for the tab on the 36 year old man dating side of the table, he pulls harder.

Do you know why?

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The more I thought about her going Mexican comment the more I decided that she was looking pretty good, but I was still playing it cool and kept my yap shut. I gave her a kiss on the cheek as we departed the parking lot and we decided to go out again a couple nights later.

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He wants something to look forward to, and when to look forward to it. With that said, when it comes to kids, 50s Men understand, on a deep, fundamental level if they are worth a damn, that isthat kids come before everything else in life, including ourselves.

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He has his own place to live, a car, credit cards, and a k plan. Yes, Mick Jagger, we can get satisfaction, and that's because, at the end of the night, we have satisfied partners to prove it.

I hope you enjoy this totally true story about my first date with a year-old virgin. Or that I would end up on a date with one of them. By the time a guy hits his 50s, he should have traveled the world, a lot!

Dinner arrived and I honestly have no clue what was said to get her on this next topic because neither sex nor anything sexual was ever brought up. That almost never happens with a guy in his 50s and if it does, run away! He also knows there is a lot more to do in the bedroom than just regular intercourse.

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I tried my best not to laugh out loud and as I tried to suppress my laughter she asked what was so funny. The Nickelodeon Channel, UK of course it had to be a children's channel to conduct this research, right?

He asked you out. If you have any doubts, take a moment and check out the Facebook page " Fit Guys Over I knew that statistically there had to be at least a handful of year-old virgins in Southern California, but I never expected one to be cute.

He makes date plans, and sticks to them.

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He's well traveled in the world. He's got gray hair.

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If he doesn't, run. He's got gray hair see Reason 2 above. When he was a boy, growing up in the s, his parents taught him how to be a gentleman. It takes awhile, a long while in fact, for a man How to know if she is worth dating mature.

A survey conducted by BJU International, as reported in Science Dailyfound that men in their 50s are more satisfied in their sex lives than men in their 30s and 40s.

My expectations for the night just went way, way up. He loves kids, but doesn't burden you with his own. A 50s Man who has done a safari in Kenya, or scuba dived The Great Barrier Reef, or rode motorcycles in the Sahara Desert just has a whole helluva lot going on over a guy who talks incessantly about his brand new Ford pickup truck, complains about how Alex Rodriguez is bad for the Yankees, or asks you to watch his kids so he can play golf with his buddies this weekend see Reason 4.